Dr Carmel Dewey General Practitioner

Dr Carmel Dewey is an experienced General Practitioner with special interests including family medicine, chronic disease management, family planning, mental health, preventative healthcare, and children’s health.

Dr Ian Fagg General Practitioner

Dr Ian Fagg is a long-standing General Practitioner at Umina Surgery. His special interests include all aspects of general medicine.

Dr Cari Medina General Practitioner

Dr Cari Medina is an experienced General Practitioner, with special interest in children’s health, women’s health, and general medicine.

Dr Jeevaka Samarasinghe General Practitioner

Dr Jeevaka Samarasinghe obtained his medical degree from London University ( St Georges Medical School). He has been a GP partner and trainer for 14 years in the UK. Dr Jeeve has an interest in chronic disease management, orthopaedics and general medicine. He loves the rapport that can be built up with patients as part of general practice consultations. Dr Jeeve loves to swim, play tennis and an interest in aviation. NB Dr Samarasinghe does not offer bulk billed appointments.

Dr David Batagol General Practitioner

Dr Helena Miksevicius General Practitioner

Dr Martin Wild General Practitioner

Dr Tony Ivits General Practitioner

Our Support Staff

Maureen Practice Nurse

Jenni Practice Nurse

Karen Practice Nurse

Barbara Practice Manager

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